Blogging All Along

OF COURSE, THE IRONY IS that I have been — blogging all along, that is — and I have the stats to prove it. (Speaking of which, I need a privacy-respecting alternative to Google Analytics.)

Last night, I started a comment thread on Facebook and commented on Instapundit. I’ve put out tentative feelers on this topic before, but, as a friend of Prof. Reynolds put it, “With all this privacy crap about Facebook rearing its ugly head, I’m thinking about returning to blogging.”

I would seriously like substantive answers. I have over 1200 Friends on Facebook. Please do me the favor of responding. If I were to leave Facebook and “go back to the blog,” as Prof Reynolds put it. Would many — or any — of you come along with and participate at BabyTrollBlog?

Responses have been neutral-to-negative on balance. Which illustrates the market penetration incumbent socmed (SOCial MEDia) have versus blogs. Most readers find the incumbents more convenient than blogs. Apparently, the privacy crap doesn’t outweigh the convenience. Which, I suppose is the same conundrum leftists face when they think people should be willing to pay a higher price for goods that appear to address some concerns of social justice for that reason alone, but they aren’t; they go for the low-price item every time. That’s how markets work.

We in the blogosphere better hope that the perceived cost of socmed’s assaults on privacy outweighs the perceived inconvenience of patronizing blogs. Otherwise, it’s a lot of effort for little return.

2 responses to “Blogging All Along

  1. I’ll be the first to admit that the reach I have from my little promontory on the far side of the blogosphere is not quite what it used to be, though I seem to be making up in feed subscribers what I’m not getting in visitors. But I keep my own Facebook stuff limited to items of family interest or things I’ve shared with friends; admittedly, Facebook probably tracks every time I go to the toilet, but I’m hoping data miners aren’t interested in that sort of thing.

    • Mark Philip Alger

      I have to admit I, personally don’t care much if the data miners dig anything up on me. I get fed ads for stuff I’ve just bought (and am not likely to buy again anytime soon), so I figure somebody’s paying quite a bit for nothing in my case. Always glad to help the ungodly waste their money.

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