Big Surprise

THE WHOLE 97% claim never was credible in the first place.

And another thing: even if it were (fat chance), it’s irrelevant, because as Mommy told us:


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  1. The 97% claim even were it true would be irrelevant; its members exposed for the tools they are. Because the intrinsic science, once widely accepted and not derided, exposes the fraud. What the fraudsters have been exploiting are celebrity scientists who wish to remain in good graces with their professional institutions that have rotted from within. Blaise Pascal identified this aspect as extrinsic of any underlying facts. This is why the partisans steadfastly refuse to debate publicly. “The debate is over” was the way the putsch of legitimate science began. The fraudsters knew how Pascal succeeded in undermining the good-old-boy network that was attempting to block progress in his world, and thus this stance. All to protect this wholly extrinsic and factually baseless project.

    In simpler terms, the CAGW fraud has been based on names backing other names (extrinsically) rather than based on weighing all scientific evidence (intrinsically).

  2. Inn’t that what Alger said?


  3. Indeed Dolly.

    I’ve used his sentence too, only too often to be greeted by blank staring eyes. Needless to say, extrinsic and intrinsic even more so.

    I decided earlier this week (Og is my witness) that I could say it in simpler terms. My last sentence (without the two parenthetical words) is that.

    Nevertheless, it all will all come down to not what we subjects SAY but how our rulers fear what we may do once it is clear we don’t need multisyllabic words to comprehend their crookedness.

  4. Way back when, there was a CONSENSUS that the world was flat. Way back when, there was a CONSENSUS that the sun revolved around the Earth.

    Way back when, there was a CONSENSUS that eggs were bad for you and they would kill you with tons of cholesterol. There was a CONSENSUS that margarine was better for you than butter. There was a CONSENSUS on just about every half-brained idea that was held out as the absolute TRUTH NOT TO BE QUESTIONED, and if you spoke up and said “Hey, this doesn’t look right” you were called a fool, or laughed at.

    Every time I hear some half-wit blather on about a consensus in science, I have to restrain myself from beating that person into a pulp with a 2X4.

  5. Mark Philip Alger

    As I’ve said before, elsewhere, if science were ruled by consensus, Galileo would have been wrong.


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