Been Unable to Blog On Normal Stuff

FOR SOME TIME, now. Don’t want to claim depression, because I’m not depressed, but I’m definitely bummed about the current state and apparent direction of the nation.

Like Ron Paul, I can’t fathom why freedom is such a hard sell, why so many people in America seem to want to rule others for their own benefit with no compunction, no moral reservations whatsoever.

I find myself reluctantly agreeing — even seeing the slippery slope — that somehow banning progressivism is the only solution. Not saying that the government should outlaw progressive cant, policies, or whatever. Don’t even want to go there. But willing to argue that normal, ordinary people should refuse to have anything to do with progressives. Sort of what Bill Whittle proposed crossed with the whole “going Galt” notion of Ayn Rand’s.

We need to prepare for, orient toward, and work to bring about the post-government world as the next logical step in true progress toward the ultimate liberation of humanity from tyranny, slavery, and oppression.

Kind of ironic that this “new” trope is the cleaned up, pasteurized and autoclaved notion of Karl Marx’s withering away of the state. And, if my vision of atomized “virtual” enterprises — all of us to become cottage industrialists in the digital age — becomes anything like reality, we will, indeed, own the means of production, just as Marx predicted, just not in the way that he predicted it.

But, then, he was a pretty lousy visionary, wasn’t he?

On another front… Long about Thanksgiving, I got stalled on and shelved It’s Dolly’s Birthday in favor of a redrafting of the first story of the Dolly Apocrypha, “A Report from New Xenaland,” (new working title: “A Report from the Field”).

From a standing start, I’m at right around 10,000 words out of a projected 17-20,000, with about four of that coming in the past few days. And, since I’m on vacation from the Patch Factory until the Sixth of January, I can see a real chance of finishing relatively soon.

AND, it’s a short enough story that I can afford the services of a professional editor. And I have a very good idea for cover art not only for this story, but also for the entire Apocrypha (if not for the whole of the Baby Troll Chronicles).

Might be the best thing I could do for a Christmas present for the world and for myself.

Watch this space.

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