Been Rather Distracted of Late

AND THINGS AREN’T GOING the way I want them to around here. Hope that will change.

I haven’t done Cloud Observatory or Pix posts this week. Since today is Thursday, I figure this week is blown. I’ll pick up next Monday. I’d like to get a month ahead. I used to do that.

Progress on It’s Dolly’s Birthday has slown to a snail’s pace.

I have broken 50K. But still it seems the end is receding ever farther from my grasp. I’ve become dissatisfied with the gradually escalating nature of Dolly’s jeopardy. As in, it isn’t. Each one seems to be a disjointed body part, and not incorporated into a whole. There’s no gradually rising tension in them. It’s not in my telling, so far as I can see, but in the actual nature of the jeopardy as I conceive it. Oh, they’re all jeopardish and stuff enough, but I’m not doing the setup, the delivery, the punch line right. Needs work.

I’ve jiggered the ending. Apocrypha stories in first draft have traditionally had a happy ending: Dolly goes home with Drummond and they live and love happily ever after. Until the next time. This is a pattern I think I want to break. Each story will have a different heartbreak at the end. This is another thing that’s a great idea, but requires excellent execution. I’m having a crisis of confidence on that score here.

And finally, there’s the actual structure of the story itself. I’ve got it laid out so that it braids the threads among Dolly, Drummond, and Pete (Dolly’s sidekick). As Dolly gets more stage time than the other two, her segments/scenes are longer and more numerous than the others. I’m beginning to think that, instead of braiding, I should be blocking. With Scrivener, it’s easy enough to do, Just set up a separate arrangment and change the order. But there’s a lot of implications that crop up along the way. I’m having trees-eclipsing-forest problems at the moment. I can work through it, but it’s frustrating.

Meantime, Alphas have the first “half” and I’m not wanting to jog elbows, but really am starved for feedback. ::sigh::

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