SYFY CHANNEL is running a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon Sunday and … ? Monday?

One of the episodes played was “Becoming” Part II, the finale of Season Two. Heartwrenching. The last few minutes feature a Sarah McLachlan song, Full of Grace, which never fails to jerk a tear.

And this is a writing post, because I find myself wondering if you could take the beats from the two parts of “Becoming” and make a novel from them, or if they depend too much for the exposition and story arc of the rest of the series to that point.

What do you think, writers?

This is a fan-edited take on, not just that episode, but a collection of heartbreaking beats from the entire series. You know there’s a reason Joss Whedon is so popluar.

One response to “Becoming

  1. I am not a writer, but I think it could be pulled off. A novel has a lot more time for exposition than an episode of TV.

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