Baghdad Jim McDermitt

MAY HAVE A POINT, as despicable as he is. If the TEA Party groups hadn’t applied for tax-exempt status, they wouldn’t have faced importunate questions from the IRS.

I cashed out my 401(k) awhile back and will not be using any retirement savings instrument set up by the government. I may pay more taxes, but I will not be going to the government with cap in hand, tugging on my forelock, begging permission to use my money as I see fit. Fuck ’em. I’m not playing that game anymore.

I might suggest that, as an alternative to begging permission from the IRS to exist, citizen groups hoist the middle finger and go without. Yes, I’m sure, there’s a loss of convenience and possibly some loss of money or — at the very least — the forgoing of some opportunities. But — check it out — no getting up with fleas from lying with dogs. KnowwhatImean, Vern?

On the other hand, if they hadn’t, we wouldn’t have laid out for all to see the corrupt and stinking nature of the national tax collection apparatus. We wouldn’t have a sharply-limned image of a corrupt government, which has, in the words of (make careful note of this woman’s name; she’s a hero of the people) Becky Gerritson forgotten its place.

2 responses to “Baghdad Jim McDermitt

  1. To me this sounds too much like, “If you hadn’t been on the wrong side of town wearing skimpy clothes” nothing bad would have happened to you. If lefty/progressive groups don’t have to undergo additional scrutiny, neither should Tea Party/patriot groups and it’s worth a fight over it.

  2. Mark Philip Alger

    Yes! It’s exactly like that, although … your “if” I would modify. There should be no scrutiny. Of course, there should be no income tax. (There are reasons the very notion was an anathema to the Founders.) But, given an income tax, and the constitutional situation, it should be flat, with no exceptions. Everybody pays the same — rate or amount. No carve outs, no loopholes, no exemptions or write-offs, and no charitable deducts. Write your income on a post card, multiply by the rate, that’s what you owe. The rest is just a formula for corruption.


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