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YESTERDAY I WANTED TO get some work done on It’s Dolly’s Birthday. And I did, only not the kind I meant. Once I resigned myself to the loss of the day, I decided to format and upload the current official version of the Apocrypha story. It is now up and complete at the Apocrypha site. It’s Dolly’s Birthday.

This is — except for a brief round of name and other changes to protect the innocent — the original draft of the story, written serial fashion as posts to a Xena: Warrior Princess fan mailing list called The Center for Xena Studies. (Which is still active all these years later.) As I have edited the apologia on the Apocrypha pages to read, I am now thinking of these as merely the first drafts of the stories, rather than their being complete trunk stories, never to go any further.

But enough of the cat waxing (no matter how much the cats disagree), EARNIE GET OFF THE DAMNED KEYBOARD! (THAT’S RIGHT, GO HUMP KARMA). Friday I promise I will settle down and get some serious writing done.

Meantime, enjoy IDB, if you’re so inclined.

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