Anti-Gun Liberals!

DO NOT SPEAK TO ME until you have read and absorbed this article.

I feel like many people, including most liberal politicians, treat gun control like most conservatives treat sex education or climate change. Their views and thus the policies they support are based entirely on ideology, with only the most cursory attempts at studying the facts. They are blinded by confirmation bias, cherry picking factual evidence to support their foregone conclusion.

Can’t resist the urge to snark, though. I suspect the shoe’s on the other foot about climate change — nee Global Warming — which has been THOROUGHLY debunked and revealed as a massive hoax to anyone NOT enthralled in confirmation bias, cherry-picking facts to support a fairly religious belief in a phenomenon that, as defined, does not exist. (Not claiming that the planet hasn’t warmed since the end of the Little Ice Age, but that it A) isn’t catastrophic and B) isn’t anthropogenic.)

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