And You Trust NBC… Why, Exactly…?

INSTY NOTES THAT the recent panic over a potential bacon shortage may be a load of bullshit.

Trouble is, the linked article, by an NBC News contributor, starts out: “Don’t worry, no one is coming for your BLT.”

Ri-i-i-i-i-ght. Bzzzzt! Sorry. No, we’re not going to trust that kind of tone from you lot. We’ve been lied to by you — in that exact tone — too many times for too damned long. The bald assertion is Just. Not. Credible.

And, then, to heap spite on risibility, he goes on to assert that, ” The summer drought, and rising corn prices have hurt hog farmers for sure.” No mention of the intergalactically stupid proposition of diverting food into motor fuel in and out-and-out swap of peddled influence for campaign cash.

What? You thought corn ethanol in your gas tank was a good idea? Silly rabbit. Booze is for drinking.

5 responses to “And You Trust NBC… Why, Exactly…?

  1. The places I’m familiar with -the mash is sold as animal feed after the extra sugar is used to create the alcohol. How much loss of feed takes place as a result. Why are there no complaints about oatmeal being used in beauty products? And, don’t even get me started on jello-wrestling…..

    • Mark Philip Alger

      Maybe because Mary Kay doesn’t suck up so much of the stuff to cause a 40% rise in the global price of oats? Maybe because oats aren’t the largest source of grain in the U.S. (which feeds the world)? Maybe because using oats in cosmetics isn’t intergalactically stupid on the merits?




  2. Didn’t the original article mention that it was europe that would be affected by shortage, and not the US? That was my take away from it. I’m seeing nice sales on pork loin and pork shoulder right now. Thank goodness we have a nice freezer.

    • Mark Philip Alger


      I looked back at the Wired article. Yes, the initial main impact is on European farmers (and the article doesn’t seem entirely clear on motives and incentives). They seem to be attritting their herds due to increased feed costs, which are in turn attributed to drought and crop failures. But the use of corn ethanol as fuel has to have an impact on all of those factors, even as more acreage is converted to corn crops for ethanol production.

      Wouldn’t seem likely that there’s a large global trade in bacon, but there has to be some. Tension in that market would have an effect on prices elsewhere, such as in the American supermarket.

      I’m seeing that pork is maintaining a low line among meat prices — especially as compared to Choice cuts of beef. But, if you’ll recall, pork as recently as five or six years ago was $1.49 a pound, whereas now, it’s running closer to $4. Yes, a lot of that’s probably due to inflation and the general rising costs of doing business — energy, etc. But still… The corn perversion has to have an effect somewhere.


  3. Yup. I get excited whenever I find boneless loin chops under $3/pound. lol But, they sell whole loins ~1.69/pound and most also offer free cutting/slicing. So, the deals are out there, they just require a little work sometimes.

    Agree totally with the corn/ethanol madness.

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