And You Trust NBC… Why, Exactly…?

INSTY NOTES THAT the recent panic over a potential bacon shortage may be a load of bullshit.

Trouble is, the linked article, by an NBC News contributor, starts out: “Don’t worry, no one is coming for your BLT.”

Ri-i-i-i-i-ght. Bzzzzt! Sorry. No, we’re not going to trust that kind of tone from you lot. We’ve been lied to by you — in that exact tone — too many times for too damned long. The bald assertion is Just. Not. Credible.

And, then, to heap spite on risibility, he goes on to assert that, ” The summer drought, and rising corn prices have hurt hog farmers for sure.” No mention of the intergalactically stupid proposition of diverting food into motor fuel in and out-and-out swap of peddled influence for campaign cash.

What? You thought corn ethanol in your gas tank was a good idea? Silly rabbit. Booze is for drinking.

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