And We’re Moving On

WHILE THERE WILL BE promotional work to be done, and — down the road, when the KDP Select enrollment has played out — a paper edition, I’m pretty much done with The High T Shebang. Now, it belongs to the reader and I move on to the next one.

The working title is vague. At the moment, it’s Discovery and I’m thinking of it as a sort of an origin issue. (To use the comic book jargon.) Except that it won’t be the only one. I’ll have several over the years, I’m sure.

This one picks up Dolly’s tale the morning after her Genesis and carries through, more-or-less chronologically, to Cally’s Genesis, passing along the way Dolly’s training in the Troll Guard at Camp Meander and the start of her relationship with Drummond as her being a Real Grrl. And those are the last spoilers you’ll get out of me.

I’m also intending to seriously buckle down and get my drawing chops back. I have a pencil. I have paper. I have a scanner. I have drawn in the past. I will draw again in the future.

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