An Odd One

I’VE BEEN LISTENING to music via Spotify lately. (As though you couldn’t tell from all the droppings on my Facebook timeline.)

So Thursday morning, at the Patch Factory, I cued up James Gang Rides Again and hit Play.

And, imagine my surprise to hear — or, more precisely, to NOT hear — the funky guitar of Joe Walsh. It was just … gone.

And, then, I switched over to The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get, and was astonished to miss the talk box effect from “Rocky Mountain Way”…

So the question, to alla youse who pay attention to these things, has Joe Walsh been going around and deleting his guitar parts from old tracks, or what?

One response to “An Odd One

  1. Never been on Spotify, but I consulted a few Joe Walsh tracks on hand, and in every one of them, that guitar part was panned hard to one side.

    Which means that if the service screwed up and gave you, instead of both channels, one channel doubled and out of phase — you might not even notice the mono under those conditions — you’d get some Walshless-sounding tunes.

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