An Echo of the Past

TRILLIONS FOR DEFENSE, not one single, fucking penny for tribute.

The whole problem started when Gordon was not avenged.

Actually, it started a whole lot earlier than that.

Yeah. ::sigh:: I know.

3 responses to “An Echo of the Past

  1. When last was there a Commander in Chief (Bush was kind of close, but even he didn’t fully “get it) in office who really understood the second part of the first line of the Marine Hymn? Ya know: “From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli .

    Oh hell, even then, all they wanted to do was quell the local problem …Barbary Pirates and all… Islam wasn’t looked on as an international threat of great enough consequence even then.

    Must we go back to the Ottoman Empire, which damn near ended Western civilization?

    And now it is not just a Middle Eastern concern. There are the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, and the major enclaves in all the countries of Europe. Not to mention the quietly benign cells in this country.

  2. The whole Muslim “strength” is an illusion, built on a bed of sand. If the top leadership – and by that, I also include the clergy who urge their followers to rush to seek death – were taken out, and the hard-core followers subjected to summary execution with pork-smeared bullets, much of the problem would end.

    If not, there is always nuking Mecca.

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