I Keep Hearing All These Proposals

SUPPOSEDLY AIMED AT reducing gun violence (but not really), and I keep being reminded of something I’ve been saying since hearing it I-don’t-remember-how-long-ago. It’s on the subject of environmental laws and regulation and it goes like this:

Pollution is a crime against property. So how come all of the Left’s public policy prescriptions for environmental issues end up weakening private property rights?

The Left’s reaction to any putative crisis (but not really) is the same.

Mass murder is a problem of individual liberty. One person abuses it, so the state moves to take it away from everybody else.

The state keeps insisting that the proper response to the state’s inability to protect citizens is to deny them the means to protect themselves. How does this make sense?

Not really.

More: how is this not despicable — to render the innocent helpless before predators? To deny the innocent and law-abiding the means to defend themselves against evildoers?

And, no, you don’t get to pretend that allowing the law abiding to have guns is going to increase incidence of violent crime. Not when every fact on the ground says you’re wrong — dead wrong.

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