Activity Report

ROLLED THE STONE up the hill a mite on my Friday off. 1,700 words on It’s Dolly’s Birthday. No, 1,900.

Project total wordage is 31,969. Nailed down four of the five scenes in Chapter IV. Still need to work on the sequence and pace of the chapter, and some of that will spill over into following chapters.

A lot of that stuff isn’t set in mashed potatoes, yet. (A little Close Encounters reference for ya there.) I’m working a notional sequence of 27 chapters and have at least top-level plot roughed in throughout, how things line up and conga together is still really fluid. Saints preserve me and there’s no more plot thread metastasization.

Once all five of Ch IV’s scenes are nailed down and we’re sure there won’t be Dunlop Syndrome (That holiday thing when you spare tire dunlopped over your belt.) with scenes spilling over into the next chapter, or being moved several chapters down the plot frontage road or something, then I’ll be looking for an over-arching title for the chapter and to meld all the scenes into the larger unit.

Cally sulks, Cally and Xe are queer for each other, the Trolls get a lesson from Pete on MMREA (don’t ask), and they make themselves costumes and infiltrate the neighborhood where Dolly’s being held hostage disguised as a hassle of krishna freaks. Orange You Blue in the Face? Or is that too inside-baseball?

Ran into a potential victim beta reader in the parking lot at The Animal Clinic. Excitement ensued. Got one sucker helper for the beta and the book’s not even finished. Yay!

AND… got half the biweekly grogery shopping done. Which means I may not be totally wiped out by the chore and might have some time and energy to work on the story more tomorrow. Yay^2!

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