A Question from Rush and VDH

WHO THE HELL IS Paula Broadwell and why should anybody care about her?

And it occurs to me — has it to anybody else — that she might be a NOC.

4 responses to “A Question from Rush and VDH

  1. Doh! I FINALLY found your RSS feed for my reader. I’m such a dope. But now a happy one!

  2. Mark Philip Alger

    That’s interesting, because WordPress is telling me I’ve got problems. And me with no time to dig into it. So… Excellent news.

    Of course, the site reads quite well on a smart phone screen — esp if you turn the phone to landscape and zoom on the center column.

    Thank you for reading and commenting, Joan. And, everybody, visit Joan at Primordial Slack. Click on her name above for the link.


  3. *curtsey* and thanks! What is this “phone screen” you speak of?

  4. Mark Philip Alger

    I know, right? But it’s what Tam calls the Magic Elf Box. (picture at link)


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