A Note to Republicans

TIME AND AGAIN, THE DEMOCRATS have beaten you in races from President to dog-catcher by razor-thin margins, sometimes by fraud, sometimes fair-and-square, and sometime because there was a third party in the race.

Since the Greens aren’t likely to siphon off your voters, the most logical sink for those who might otherwise vote R is in libertarians. (And, really, why any party could object to the presence of voters who insist the country be run by and according to its founding charter is beyond me, but both major parties do — to the sorrow of all.) It seems that, time and again, you lose by a margin represented by the vote drawn to that liberty-loving, by-the-rules minority who are only looking for principled leaders.

And yet, by you, the winning strategy is to run as Democrats Lite, with all the corruption and vote-buying, the cheat-lie-steal plurality that’s pretty much run the country — in and out of power — for over a hundred years. Despite the constant shellackings at the polls,you never seem to get it: in no way can you out-pander, out vote-buy, out-demagogue Alinsky-ite, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist radicals. It can’t be done, and it isn’t where you want to stand anyway.

So, here’s a notion: you might want to consider shifting to the Right. Whatta concept! Cater to “small-l” libertarians and TEA partiers, both in your campaigns and your governance. Accept their candidates. Champion their policies. Neither, truth be told, is all that far from your own.

And those “independents”? Who seem to be made up in equal parts of people afraid to be type as either Republicans or Democrats? At least half of them will probably break your way if you draw a clear, bright line between you and the Dems.

Worth a try, eh? Couldn’t do any worse.

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