A New Feature — #War

NOT HERE, over at the Bigs, in this case, Big Government.

It’s called Hashtag War, which, I’m sure, the unclued mee-dja will call “The Hashtag War,” not getting it, as they resolutely do, which I think is why, ultimately, we WILL get up that wall.

I don’t do a lot of video. For every hundred I get exposed to I watch one. And of a hundred of those, I might embed five here. But this one, I do intend to follow, if for no other reason but to remind those around me that we are in a war, after a fashion, and it will be fought in the blogosphere and the twitterverse and on Faceplant, er… -book … in independent media channels — music, video, literature. Which is why you see so many beard-tugging leftists trying to devalue those channels by way of battlespace prep.

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