A Meme to Go Viral

BY WHICH I MEAN it should.

Ben Shapiro was on Glenn Beck in the last segment on Wednesday and advanced a meme we should all spread far and wide.

Speaking of the “civility” whinge from the Left, he says there is or should be a sort of Geneva Convention on civility. In the Geneva Conventions agreements, if you operate on the battlefield in uniform, you’re OK, and you’re covered (in theory) by its provisions. If you operate out of uniform, you are an unlawful combatant, (or a spy), and subject to — among other sanctions — summary execution. (Which is why the supporters of Islamist terrorists should be careful what they ask for when they object to the U.S.’s indefinite imprisonment of unlawful combatants.)

In the case of civility in American political debate, one should say, if we agree in all comity that we are all interested in the success of the American experiment, and the benefit to the American people, then, fine, we can have a civil debate. But if you oppose provisions of the Constitution, if you operate outside the bounds of common decency (Democrats, I’m talkin’ about YOU, Baby), then you’re beyond the pale and not entitled to civil considerations.

That is, to say (and not to put too fine a point on it), if you propose gun control — particularly bans, restrictions, or punitive taxes or fees — you’re an enemy of the people and are dead to us. Fuck off and die. (FOAD)

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