A Lot Of Who-Struck-John As To Why The Left

DOESN’T CONTAIN AN ANALOG to Ayn Rand. (I’m with the ones who point to leftist Wormtongue, Karl Marx). Steven Hayward has one take on it, Ed Driscoll another.

It seems clear to me that, while there may be a canon of works underpinning modern progressivism (It’s NOT liberal, folks. THAT needs to be disposed of once and for all.), the myrmidons of the movement (if such it can be considered) are, for the most part, less aware of it than are their counterparts in the Right.

On somewhat of an aside, I sometimes wonder why less is heard of Lysander Spooner these days than of yore. I seem to recall that he was a frequent referent for leftists back in the’60s. Maybe his rugged individualism might serve as a reproach for your modern-day collectivists — soi disant (scorn quotes) “progressives.”

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