A Jew With a Gun

I FIRST READ THIS post years ago and was impressed then. I am even more-so now. Any citizen in any polity who ever engages in ordinary human commerce or travels outside his own home needs to — MUST— read this. The Whole Thing.

If the Los Angeles riots taught us anything, it’s that you’re a fool if you count on the authorities to protect you in times of civil chaos — in fact, at any time. In the end, only I can protect my family.

I’m never, ever going to allow myself to be outgunned by the bad guys. All the gun laws that are on the books—and there are thousands of them—just make it that much easier for the barbarians to amass weapons and for law-abiding people like you and me to be at their mercy.

If you outlaw weapons, as so many squishy liberals yearn to do — well then, only the state and the outlaws will be armed. Which leaves ordinary citizens at the mercy of an all-powerful government and a variety of merciless criminal subcultures.

When Hitler and Stalin snatched power, one of their first moves was to outlaw private gun ownership. They understood that armed citizens are a mortal threat to totalitarian rule.

Imagine: several million Jews owning firearms between 1938 and 1945.

Is the mind capable of such a leap of faith or is it too painful?

One week after the riots I legally purchased a pistol: a 1911 Springfield .45. It’s the pistol I trained with in Israel. Yes, it’s heavy, and yes, the recoil kicks like a Rockette; but this is the weapon I know best and on good days I can shoot the wings off a fly at twenty-five yards. I cordially invite any mugger, rioter, criminal, gun-hating progressive, anarchist, or Jew-hating Islamist to come at me or my family, because now I am a Jew with a gun.

Consider it a cautionary tale.

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  1. I was in the riot zone, just below Century Blvd. off-ramp.Still had my Texas rig. Chased a few looters off my liquor store, and camped on the porch until the owners’ friends arrived to relieve me. No problems, Winchester in hand, SAA on the belt, and then went back to my hotel. by the airport. I still stop in, when I’m down there. His crew set up on the roof, scoped Mini-14’s and such. Very calm at that corner, fires on the other 3. No one believes that story.

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