A Horrible Pun

OCCURRED TO ME while taking a kitten break from working on It’s Dolly’s Birthday (or while Earnie was taking a people break from rambuncting around house as kittens do).

It’s a touchstone of the craft that there are generally two types of writers — as regards plot and how she is made in fiction. There are those who plan every detail meticulously to the last tit and jottle — hight Outliners — and there are those who just sort of wing it, or (as the saying goes) fly by the seat of their pants — called Pantsers.

And it occurred to me that I do a little of both. I wing it at first, then try to organize what I’ve got into an outline, then hare off in a new direction entirely once I think I’ve got it nailed down.

So, what’s that make me? A panty-liner?

Ooo! That is horrible!

I thought so.

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