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BEFORE I BEGIN a post about distractions, I have this: if other people’s minds work remotely like mine, it is freakin’ amazing that anybody has a long enough attention span to get ANYthing done. My morning commute to the Patch Factory is about 19 minutes, if traffic is good. (It usually is.
I’m going the other way compared to the majority.) Tuesday morning, I wrote three new chapters for Report from New Xenaland (New working title:
The High T Affair.), had about fifteen great ideas for various projects at work, and had a closely-reasoned argument (about 15,000 words) with myself on the topic of abortion which, if I could ever capture it, would make a great series of blog posts. But, of course, were I to try, I’d get about fifty words into it and… SQUIRREL!.

But you degrease.

But I degrease.

I have long had the intent of using this blog as a sort of commonplace book, dragging home all the neat stuff I find and posting it — or posting about it — here for the delectation of all. Sort of my version of Good Shit. For example, as Erin noted on Facebook the other day, (well, tangentially, anyway), we could really have a Nice Tits department. They say that looking at boobs is good for your blood pressure or something. It would be a kind of a public service. A win-win. (Get it? “Win-win.” Two… Oh, never mind.) But it would mean I’d have to spend maybe as many as hours a day combing through porn and cheesecake sites for acceptable shots.

May the Lord smite you with it!

Dolly? Stifle.

But that’s actually beside the point. ‘Cause most of the time, the really neat stuff I find is research for whatever I’m writing and I’m in the heat of the auctorial moment and need to get back to writing and don’t have time to write a blog post right then and by the time I get back around to it I’ve forgotten about it so I never really get back to it and I forget all about it so it never gets posted and…

Gotta run.

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