AND THE WEEKEND AHEAD to write. (Well, I have to do grocery shopping, and some other stuff.) I keep hoping I can finish today, tomorrow, this week. And the story grows longer as I add more words in hopes of reaching the end. And like some vicious cross between Tantalus and Sisyphus, I can never quite catch it as it fades from sight going away.

Oh, well. Maybe it’s like the fight between Good and Evil. Good never wins, it only has to survive to fight again tomorrow. Like the road, the fight goes on forever.

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  1. There’s an effective method for bounding a story that you might want to put to use: write the last two chapters, or the last chapter and the Epilogue, NOW, before you proceed any further with the “straight line” narrative.

    It works especially well if you want to leave the ending open for a sequel.

  2. Mark Philip Alger


    Thank you. However, in this case, that won’t work. The end is already written. I am, in fact, in the last chapters now. The number is only in doubt because I’m not sure how the elements should be divided or joined. I think I can safely say the story will come in under 50K, which is why I have a hope of finishing this weekend.


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