40 At Last

NO, NOT MY AGE. At nigh-on 59, I passed that milestone a ways back. No, this is 40,000 words, the “official” length for a novel. A Report from New Xenaland passed 40,000 words at about 11:25PM Saturday evening. Which, if you’ve been keeping track, means I wrote something like 3,000 words today in 3 scenes/chapters. Now, in order to finish, I have to write the climactic set piece and string together the denouement. And I almost feel that, if it weren’t for the climactic nature of it, I could skip the set piece and go right to the denouement. But that would disappoint the readers, I’d think. Been building up to this bit of action for the whole book, so I guess I’d better deliver.

Wish me luck.

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