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I Agree that Obamacare Needs

TO BE HUNG AROUND THE NECKS of the Democrats like the Albatross from the The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere — and for about the same reason. But — dayum! There must be about as many Dems in the Senate who were “The Deciding Vote to Pass Obamacare” as there are medieval churches possessing reliquaries out back with pieces of the True Cross.

Quote of the Day

BLESSED ARE THEY which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake:
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

–Matthew, 5:10

I would remind all of you who bitch about religious expression, and seek to extirpate it from the public square, that you are the persecutors, not those availing themselves of their First-Amendment-protected* right to free exercise of religion.


If words hurt you that bad, maybe you should go back in the nursery until you grow up. Nobody is trying to convert you by the sword.

Oh. Wait. Somebody is. But, take note: it’s not Christians.

*PROTECTED … NOT granted.

Just Gotta Love the Left-Wing Extremist

OPERATIVES who call conservative/libertarian talk shows all ready to Nuke the Right with their intergalactic mother wit (…as Willy the Shake put it, “Witty mother; witless else her son.”) … like the least savvy among us couldn’t spot their line of bullshite a mile off.

They’re just so kyoot!

Today this guy called up Hannity all “concerned” and chin-pulling and everything over how the Republicans aren’t on all fours with spending cuts. It’s ten-percent across the board and the budget will be balanced in a year and how can anybody hate that?

Talking points in a row like the little steel ducks in the carny shooting gallery. Ding! Ding! Ding!

paragraph: class: squirrel!: What kind of noise does a straw man make when you knock him down?

And, of course, every alert person in the audience is going, “If it’s ten-percent of the total budget, then howzcum Defense is taking a 40% hit? Hmmm?”

But I pulled up in front of the house just then and wanted to get inside into the A/C, so I didn’t hear the rest. Like jesting Pilate, I did not stay to hear the answer.

Like Pilate, I was pretty sure what I was gonna hear.

So Apparently a 3-Column Layout

IS A BIG DEAL IN THESE PARTS ’cause you can’t get there from here. Needless to say, it was a great source of frustration and low-key rage for me to find that out. I have to learn how to make a second sidebar. Does the fun ever stop?

And what’s with the you can’t pour a whole bunch of data into a bucket? I have to enter every one of the hundreds of links in my blogroll into one of those stupid web forms one at a time? That’s not on. I’m going to find out how to import a .csv list, you betcha.

Well, Squish

LOST THE COMMENTS, which sucks, although probably not for the reason you’re thinking. It means something went wrong with the export/import process. I know for a fact that the comments got brought along, because I saw them in the RSS files as I scanned them. And they’re properly associated with their posts, but they don’t show up in the actual page.


I also am having to adapt to this rather primitive WYSIWYG editor. Hate it! It keeps wanting to change my in-post code. Not cool.

But, at least, I got all the content — or the majority of the content on the Internet — transferred over, my Engine Hosting account shut down in time to prevent an automatic renewal, the domain registration transferred away from GoDaddy (I don’t know whether to be happy, sad, or resigned that you have to go through so many damned hoops do the transfer — or that it’s so easy to hijack a new WordPress site.), and at least a plan for how to rebuild the page templates.

And, then, we get to work on points for style — like installing a search facility. No more asking Alger for the “Nice Tits” post in the middle of the night. Now you’ll be able to find it yourself.

Won’t that be grand?

Press Pause

SO I DIDN’T MEET my self-imposed deadline to complete It’s Dolly’s Birthday by the beginning of June. And I slid through the extra allowance of June and July. It looks pretty clear, now, that we’re not going to be on sale in September. The new goal is October. That being the case, I might be able to work on Double Switch, as I’m coming to think of the omnibus of the first three stories in the Dolly Apocrypha arc of the Baby Troll Chronicles, for NaNoWriMo.

For the next week, however, my free time must be devoted to Web development. My hosting plan is up for renewal next Tuesday, so I need to move the site to the new host before then. It means switching from Expression Engine to Word Press. I may have to postpone a lot of stuff, such as archives for a little while. We’ll see.

Butter Face

SO MICHELE MA BELLE goes to London to see the Queen and wears a jacket that costs enough to feed an American family of four for a year — and she’s an instant supermodel. Move over, Paulina Porizkova, a big dog’s movin’ in.

Rawk the 99%, dood!