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Can’t Resist


Aside: If Chas Hill were a movie digital effects artist, would he be CGI Hill?


At Dustbury, C.G. ponders a bit about song hooks, and spins off a tangential notion, that of songs as stories — in particular one song, Al Stewart’s “Year of the Cat.”

On a morning from a Bogart movie
In a country where they turn back time
You go strolling through the crowd like
Peter Lorre, contemplating a crime.

Writers of prose fiction could learn a lot from Stewart. That one album alone (Stewart’s SEVENTH, released way back in 1976) has “Lord Grenville”, about smugglers, reminiscent of Disney’s “Mooncussers” movies; “On the Border” a romance of arms smuggling and revolution; “Midas Shadow” a poignant portrait of a corporate pirate; “Flying Sorcery”, which somehow reminds me of our Brigid

WIth your photographs of Kitty Hawk and the biplanes on the wall
You were always Amy Johnson from the time that you were small
No school-room kept you grounded
While your thoughts could get away
You were taking off in Tiger Moths
Your wings against the brush-strokes of the day.

But it all occurs to me to wonder… Who would you cast in the Bogie part in the movie you were making of “The Year of the Cat”?

Some Substantive Numbers

ON EBOOK PREP. No comment; haven’t analyzed. Just noted, to be squirreled away for future reference. At The Passive Voice.

Whingeing About Change

SO PUBLISHERS are deprecating tablet computers as a reading platform.

Now, I take second place to nobody when it comes to resisting change, but — seriously? It’s not as though eBooks are going to ruin your business. As Heinlein put it, it’s raining soup. Grab you a bucket!


Of Course, It Must Be

TAX PROF REPORTS that Tax Foundation: Income Inequality Is Lower Now Than It Was Under Clinton.

Of course. It must be Bush’s fault. Everything else is.