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You Know, We’ve Got To

STOP WITH LETTING the eco-fascists get away with their — ::spit:: — Third Way BS.

Gore Lied. What a delicious name for a blog!


But serially: I didn’t know this really until recently, but… I always assumed that, when the national socialists referred to their thousand-year experiment in collectivism as the Third Reich, the translation of the German noun Reich came into English as Empire.

Not quite. It’s a bit subtler than that.

The correct translation, I’ve come to learn, is probably closer to Regime. In the sense of Protocol or Method. Or… Way.

So, the next time one of these watermelon leftists refers to their program as the Third Way, back them up and ask them (butter wouldn’t melt), “Don’t you really mean Third Reich?”

And raise your plastic sheeting really quick — to catch the sputter, ’cause there will be lots.

Plastic sheeting?

Sure! Aincha ever seen a Gallagher show?

Of course. Didncha catch the watermelon allusion?

Ooo! Ainchoo clev-vurr!

Said This Before, But

IT BEARS REPEATING. Isn’t it funny how “big” is a bad thing except when it comes to government? That private enterprise — what happens when the people get together and exercise their economic and social power to the benefit of themselves and society at large …. voluntarily and spontaneously — is a bad thing when it gets too big for its britches, but big government — wasteful, corrupt, oppressive, overweening, coercive, anti-scientific, anti-human, anti-democratic, stupid, ossified, retrograde, murderous… that’s a Good Thing, (pace Martha).

I really want to see the term statism take on the level and intensity of opprobrium that racism has now. After all, the former has killed more people by orders of magnitude than the latter. In fact, I submit that racism cannot thrive in the absence of statism. At least, not with maximum lethality.

Borrowing Roberta’s Linguistic

PATROL K-POT for a nonce, I’d like to make a request.

It has been brung to my attention that a lot of you-lot have been abusing the word “hippie” to refer to certain middle-aged and seasoned citizen leftists in ponytails, tattered blue jeans, and birkenstocks.

This is incorrect.

In truth, there has not been a genuine and authentic hippie since before Woodstock. A ceremony was held in the Haight to commemorate the Death of the Hip in October of 1967. All those who came after were merely poseurs, Alger included (He was 13 at the time.).

The correct term of art, as coined by the Maharushi, is “Long-haired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking, good-time, plastic-banana, FM types.”

Please make a note of it.

Eine Kleine Pflugg

FOR A RECENT RELEASE by the blogosphere’s very own Sergeant Mom, Celia Hayes, Adelsverein: The Gathering — Book One of the Adelsverein Trilogy.

Adelsverein: The Gathering is Volume 1 of the Adelsverein Trilogy, a saga of family and community loyalties, and the challenge of building a new life on the hostile frontier.

They have come from Germany to Texas in 1847, under the auspices of the “Mainzer Adelsverein” — the society of noblemen of Mainz, who seek to fill a settlement in Texas with German farmers and craftsmen.

You know the lady can write. You know she can tell a story. What more recommendation do you need?

There’s Always Something You

FORGOT TO CONSIDER that vowels up your schedule. Take this weekend just past, for instance. At the beginning of it, I was thinking, “I should be able to oil the drawer parts, assemble them, and get them hung on the slides — maybe even get the fronts fastened on and hardware attached. With luck, I might be able to make significant progress toward getting the bookshelves installed.

My Scottish Language Dictionary is packed up in storage right now, (Books: Mark, Desk, Reference), but I’m pretty sure under “algay” you’ll find an arrow pointing to “verfuckled.”

And aglay is where my best-laid plans went.

I had neglected to remember…

I had to cut the bottoms of the drawers (1/4″ birch plywood), sand them up to 320grit, and oil them. Four pieces. Tight fit. Well, no. Actually, it’s a somewhat loose fit, as things go — the bottom floats a bit in the drawer. Not much, but there needs to be allowance for expansion. So I had to do a dry fit of the drawer sides to make sure I had exactly the right dimensions for the bottoms.

Then I realized I had to drill the outsides of the drawer sides for pocket screws. (Well, actually, I did that first.) This is the new Kreg jig. Love it — especially the dust-collection doohickey. Would rather not have been using it this weekend. Wasn’t on the agenda.

And then there was the holes for the adjustable shelves in Toni’s deskside bookcase.

What’s that got to do with assembling drawer boxes?

Well… All this stuff that kicks up dust — and, even with dust-collection attachments on everything (well, almost everything), it still does. So I want it all done and out of the way before I mess with the next course of wet sticky-stuff that acts as a magnet for dust. It’s hard enough to clean all the dust up, let alone deal with making more while there’s wet finish lying around.

That’s your story and you’re sticking to it.


Don’t you think you’re engaging in a little deflection? As in: you’re afraid to put the drawers together for fear they’ll fail — you’ll fail?

What made you come over all Freudian?

What? Sometimes a question is just a question!

Yeah. Right.

So that was pretty much my weekend. Except I hauled out the Dolly Canon story, “Armed Citizen,” which made it past the first reading at Writers of the Future, but was bounced immediately thereafter. I looked it over, decided it wasn’t nearly as shitful as I thought it back in ’04, and tweaked a few things. I decided I pulled off the first person, present-tense thing adequately well, and that the story has more impact than in 3d person, past tense. And I realized that this might actually serve as a background piece for various and sundry beta readers and advisers (you know who you are) — far more grownup than the Apocryphal stories, and (of course) truer to the world building.

Despite the fact that Dolly is still carrying a USP9. Gotta fix that.

Obama: Only Government

CAN FARGLE UP an economy so thoroughly and at so high a warp number. Learn it. Love it. Live it.

He didn’t say that.

Demonstrating once again how gormless the Democrats really are.

You See, to Me

THIS JUST demonstrates the moral and mental deficiencies of Democrats.

A 2005 MIT poll found that only 57 percent of Democrats would support the use of American troops even to destroy a terrorist training camp. (Compared to 95 percent of Republicans.)

But to the media, this renders the question of whether to destroy terrorists in shades of gray — because some large plurality of people espouse an idiotic notion.

The Movie Thing

FROM BIG DICK posting over t’ Og’s. Top ten favorite American films.

Intriguing to me, because I want to explore my own list. Difficult because I really like a lot of foreign films, because I haven’t really SEEN a lot of movies, and because I might not remember them all, either.

In Harm’s Way, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Patricia Neal and an all-star cast of thousands. WWII Navy action in the Pacific. Tam likes machine guns and dead Nazis. I like naval bombardments and dead Japs.

Funny you became such a fan of anime, then.

Well, that was then. Not so much now.

Even better, Run Silent, Run Deep although I much prefer the book to the movie. I love the scene in which the starstruck young ensign comes around the corner to discover the godlike skipper chinning himself in his stateroom doorway, while his valet holds a pair of uniform pants for him to slip into. ZOMFG! He really DOESN’T put his pants on one leg at a time!


Guess ya hadda been there.



Disney animated features, starting with Snow White and ending with the first 101 Dalmations. Before, Disney animators were just learning their trade. After, the product became too much that of a factory, with less room left for quirky, individual brilliance.

The Birds.

How the West Was Won.

The Magnificent Seven. At least, I assume it’s an American movie, even though it was shot in Mexico?


The Indiana Jones movies — consider them all a single work.

Will Penny — Charlton Heston as a run-down saddle tramp who finds redemption then loss where he least expects it. IIRC, this was one of Heston’s favorite roles, too.

That’s at least eleven.

Oi! An’ it goes to eleven. ‘Coz that’s louder, y’see. And I could go on for awhile, I’m sure. Butch Cassidy, The Sting, The Grifters

One Man’s Interest Group

IS ANOTHER’S stakeholder. Get the connection? Yeah. So did I.

Now They’ll Have to

PASS A LAW requiring you to keep your computer connected at all times.

Can’t have you defeating their measures, after all…

The hacking is known as “remote searching.” It allows police or MI5 officers who may be hundreds of miles away to examine covertly the hard drive of someone’s PC at his home, office or hotel room. Material gathered in this way includes the content of all e-mails, web-browsing habits and instant messaging.

How are they going to know that a computer connected to the Internet is within their jurisdiction?

What makes you think that matters?

Seven Hundred, Seventy-Five

BILL-YUN dollars… It’s almost as though Democrats can’t do math, either.


Let alone tell the truth.

Heh of the Week

IT’S ALL A matter of perspective.

(Hat tip: Steven Milloy, at Junk Science.)

All the Concern

OVER “CIVILIAN” deaths in Gaza looks to me to be misplaced. The Palestineans, having militarized their entire society — from all appearances — kind of have to sleep in that bed. Seems to me.

I mean, when you dress babies up in suicide bomber onesies or have pre-pubescent boys shouldering RPGs and Katushyas… What the fahrvergnügen did you expect?

A Tutelary Fable

FOR OUR TIMES from Michael Yon. Let this be a lesson to you: when Democrats propose “professionalizing” an activity by turning it into a government-union sinecure, DON’T. LET. THEM. DO. IT!

When the TSA and DHS were first proposed, I then and there vowed I would never fly commercially again until their charters were once again rescinded and the pre-existing constituent agencies of DHS were returned to their proper places in the status quo ante.

The whole mess demonstrated and continues to demonstrate that the Feds are no serious about security, just covering their own asses by being seen to be doing something.


Another Item in the

“CAN WE AGREE on this?” category.

Can we dispense with the calls for immediate cease-fire whenever Israel responds to Yet Another Arab Outrage?

Far more appropriate would be, “Go ‘er, eh? Make a quick end of it, would you please?”

The pusillanimous bleating for “pe-e-e-e-eace,” carried on and on ad nauseam has no credibility any more. It merely encourages the mad dogs of Islam to continue pushing their pestillence on the rest of us.

2008: The Year That

CATASTROPHIC ANTHROPOGENIC Global Warming (Climate Change) was conclusively debunked.

2009: The Year the Left finally came to accept the fact. First crack in the wall. Also noted at Maggie’s.

‘Course, if you read the comments, things don’t seem that clear-cut.

Ah, yes. Leftists: muddying the water since 1789.



Maybe tomorrow I’ll get started before it’s time to go to bed.

Hollywood Really Can Be

QUITE THICK when it’s trying to be serious.

I’ve been home alone a lot over the holidays. I keep a TV on for company. USA’s character marathons have been a blessing. (Except for Psych, which has got to be one of the dumbest implementations of a neat concept ever.) But I also hear a lot of commercials. And right now, two movies are being plugged like the proverbial nickel — Valkyrie and Frost/Nixon. Each makes dumb assertions or implications in its commercials.

They bug me.

In the spots for Valkyrie, Little Tommy Cruise can be heard to say something on the order of, “This is a little known story about taking out the greatest evil ever known.” Something like that.

First: If the story is little-known to you, that’s your own damned fault. It certainly is not an obscure bit of history. The Von Stauffenberg plot is one of the major historical landmarks of WWII.

And as for Hitler being the greatest evil known to mankind… Sorry. Only if you’re one of Lenin’s useful idiots. Hitler is attached to the greatest evil ever by virtue — if you can call it that — of being a leader of a collectivist system, but the king of collectivists is Leninist-Stalinist international communism. Hands down. World class.

Compared to Uncle Joe Stalin, Hitler was a piker.

Of course, so many of Hollywood’s leading lights are out-and-out communists, fellow travelers, and useful idiots that it’s no doubt considered a bit gauche to say that.

But out here in Flyover Country, we is stoned immaculate. We aren’t afraid of the truth. I don’t expect Valkyrie to tank, but I do expect its domestic box office to be a disappointment.

In the Frost/Nixon spots, Nixon is quoted as saying, “When the President does it, it’s not illegal.” And the cheap David Frost knockoff looks shocked. We are to draw the conclusion that what Nixon says is so palpably wrong as to make you question his connection with reality.

But, actually, he’s right.

Under our Constitution, the three branches of government — Executive, Legislative, and the Judiciary — are supposed to be co-equal in power. The powers to make laws and to tax and spend are vested in Congress. But they have no authority over the actions of the Executive. Therefore, except for the Constitution itself, no law controls the Executive. The only control Congress has over the President is the power of the purse. He can do anything he wants, so long as he can get Congress to pay for it. But Congress can’t bind the President. (And as for the Judiciary, as Andy Jackson put it, “…let them enforce it …” (their rulings).)

I’m not sure why anybody thought Frost/Nixon would make a good theatrical film. Yeah, drama, history, conflict, blah-blah-blah. It’s still two guys sitting in a couple of chairs in front of cameras and jawboning. Not interesting. Not at this remove from the actual events in question. I suspect the only interest is from aging Boomers who can’t move on past Watergate and are still reliving the 1968-1976 period. Glory days, as Springsteen put it.

I do expect it to tank in theaters and do moderately well on DVD.

On the Subject of Our

ELECTRONIC SERVANTS, Chaz Hill observes that they all run on software — buggy, poorly-documented, designed by engineers, engineered by marketers, marketed by designers.

Some days, it seems as though every other person has worked at some point in their career on a help desk, or served as a moderator/sysop on a BBS, or done something that could be called tech support. Everybody has horror stories from the experience. (Many of them sound vaguely familiar, too.) And everybody has a favorite acronymal joke — ID-Ten-Tee, PEBKAC, RTFM. One of mine stems from my own time in the trenches of peer tech support of commercial software. One of my colleagues complained of the lack of real support for end users on the part of software publishers. Fearing inundation by endless waves of clueless users seeking help with frankly unmerchantable products, the software companies had cast the user adrift, saying — in essence — “You’re On Your Own.” YOYO.

Another, having to do with bugs and workarounds, was all mine and was inspired by the famous Henny Youngman / Rodney Dangerfield joke: Man goes to the doctor. Says, “Doc. It hurts when I do this.” Doc says, “Don’t Do That.” ::ba-dump-bump:: There were times when the bug reporting ran ahead of the fixes — and even the official workarounds — and all we could offer for known bugs in the way of a workaround, was a Don’t Do That. The perfect prescription for a bug — DDT.

A lot of people over-anthropomorphize Our Electronic Servants, too. Back when Boris Fisher (or was it Bobby Spasky?) got tangled up in (Deep) Blue — that IBM supercomputer that programmers “taught” to “play” chess, people said that a the man was beaten by the machine.

Well… No.

Actually, the man was beaten — not by the machine — but by the machine’s programmers, and they cheated in two ways. 1) They ganged up on him. Traditionally, chess is a one-on-one game. The grandmaster faced not one opponent, but a whole team of them. I have no idea of the size of the Deep Blue programming team, but it had to have been at least five programmers, and could have run into the hundreds. Hardly cricket, eh what? And B) they also cheated by using a computer (Deep Blue) to calculate their moves for them.

Keep that in mind. All those little electronic gewgaws you surround yourself with — every one of them was made by men. Each was conceived in the minds of men. And each has all the flaws of men. At the patch factory, we call these Stupid Engineer Tricks.

Look. Can

WE COME TO AN agreement that, when you see the National Front out in force, waving their union-printed, mass-produced, (or misspelled) banners, shaking their fists in the air, mouthing their witless bumper sticker slogans, agitating against all sense and sentiment of normal folk, that the demonstrators are wrong, are engaged on a cause that is wrong — on the facts at least, if not morally?

More Stuff I’m Too Lazy or Busy

TO DOGPILE — might be the second in a series, but I can’t be bothered to check.

Whyinhell do all the reports on the Franken attempted election theft — er, Minnesota recount — report on what, wherefor, and whether the campaigns can come to agreement on what votes are and-slash-or may be are not valid? I thought the state government set the rules. Why aren’t the campaigns being TOLD what votes are valid?

Or do I misunderstand something about elections? Isn’t the function of the state to serve as a referee? If it can’t fulfill that function, isn’t it failing a primary fiduciary obligation? Isn’t it, in effect, bankrupt? Requiring re-organization?

A bailout?

Bite your tongue, grrl!

N ngaiwow?

Ha. Ha.

They Shoot Mad Dogs


Prob’ly not so much any more.

::sigh:: Yeah. You’re right. Still, it’s a damning indictment of those who truckle with the Palestinean terrorist nation that they continue, even in the face of Hamas’ palpably rabid behavior.

Almost as if God created antisemites to test his chosen people.

Another clue to add to Marko’s list (seen here) is that, when one side is so concerned for the souls of its constituents that it refrains from taking the appropriate and proportional course, stays its hand, as it were, from what might be seen as a … final … solution…

…you can tell who the good guys are.

I can’t see the Jews salting the earth of the West Bank and Gaza for another reason.


That’s holy land. And rendering it unarable for generations or millennia would be a sin. No. If they were to come by that land by whatever means, they’d be sure to make it bloom. As they have elsewhere. And boy howdy, dun’t that stick in the Arabs’ craws?

Um… You might notice that even Arabs are finding the current behavior of Hamas beyond the pale.

True. But I haven’t noticed that any of the local Arab governments have loosened their anti-Jewish restrictions.